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Core mWallet Platform: Bank Transfers

Enabling financial institutions and telcos to offers their customers capability to integrate their mWallet with their bank account for managing funds.

xpWallet Bank Integration enables financial institutions and telcos to offers their customers the flexibility and convenience of managing their funds via mobile devices by integrating their bank account with mWallet.

This is convenient and secure alternative allows consumers the flexibility to transfer their funds from bank account to mWallet and vice versa without having to visit their bank branch. Consumers need to register with their bank and integrate their mWallet with the bank account to avail this service.

Key features:
  • Flexible management of funds of both bank and mWallet
  • Instant notification of payments, acknowledgement and account activities
  • Comprehensive transaction and balance reports
  • A user can integrate his mWallet with as many bank accounts as he wants
  • Information exchanged between mWallet and bank is encrypted and password protected thus making fund transfer secure and safe.


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