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Core mWallet Platform: Fund Transfer

Extending mobile financial services through secured and instant fund transfer capability both within-network and outside network

In today's modern world, people are always on move and often either need funds to be transferred to them or need to transfer funds to family members or friends. In such situation, instant payment services are the immediate requirement for everyone. As mobile phone is the only device that people always carry with them so mobile phone based fund transfer can be the best solution that can meet such demand without delays.

xpWallet Fund Transfer leverages the mobile wallet technology and provides capabilities to the same network subscribers to directly transfer funds anywhere in the world; and different network subscribers through channel agents.

Key features:
  • Fund transfer includes CashIn, CashOut, and Fund Transfer between two network users as well non-network users.
  • Extra layer of security when funds are transferred between non-network users
  • Can be accessed through Phone, Web, POS and supports different platforms such as USSD, SMS, NFC, J2ME, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.
  • All Users can see their transaction history with complete detail
  • Dashboard for all types of users to view the recent transactions
  • Service provider and channel partner can view their revenue or commission report

Key benefits:
  • The unique Fund Transfer solution creates a new transaction-based revenue opportunity for both the mobile operators and financial institutions.
  • The service is also meant to work for the unbanked people in the most remote areas in the world to transfer money using their mobile device.
  • The service allows customers save both time and money for remittances through provision of branchless banking like services.


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