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We provide mobile commerce products to our customers at very affordable cost with flexible pricing models.
Core mWallet Platform: NFC Payments

Provides security, flexibility and movability through contactless mobile wallet payments.

Mobile phones have made almost each and everything mobile now. Through communicating via mobile phones, consumers want to make their lives much easier because they know that the future is mobile. Everything including shopping, paying and exchanging data is becoming mobile with the help of NFC technology.

NFC, in fact, is transforming lives in many ways through one-to-one mobile marketing.

xpWallet NFC solution transforms a mobile device into a virtual wallet which can make cashless payments and other transactions. The payment solution enables consumers to make payments with a simple tap of their NFC enabled mobile phones or NFC card.

With our NFC payment solution, merchants, retailers, financial institutions, as well as mobile operators can boost their business and provide their customers fast and easy payment services.

Key features:
  • Our NFC solution supports Secure Element and NFC stickers based technologies.
  • Security has been taken care from different technical perspectives.
  • Flexibility to setup transaction amount thresholds for all NFC payments at different merchants outlets.
  • Existing infrastructure can be updated smoothly with new NFC payment devices.
  • Ability to block particular NFC device transactions.
  • Can be used for multiple payment services such as Merchant Payments, Pay Parking, Fund Transfer, etc.


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