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mWallet Enterprise Suite: NFC Ticketing

No more struggling in bus and train journey with fast and secure NFC mobile payments for ticketing.

Be it a bus or train; ticketing is always tiresome for both commuters and conductors. This is because commuters have to struggle to buy tickets due to either change money or waiting time.

xpWallet NFC bus/train ticketing solution offers transport authorities and commuters an added convenience of 'tap and go', giving them an instant ticket purchase and a pleasant journey with a digital ticket. The NFC solution is a contactless form of mobile wallet solution that offers merchants/transport authorities and mobile network operators generate new revenue streams.

Key Features:
  • Allows ticketing through NFC enabled mobile phone/ NFC Cards
  • Allows coinless and cashless ticket purchase
  • User can transfer funds from his bank to mWallet Ticket Pass
  • Detailed report for subscribers and bus companies as well

  • The commuters tap their NFC enabled phone/NFC Card on the POS terminal to present their credentials and buy ticket
  • All the NFC Cards and POS terminals are validated with the server before doing transaction
  • Protection for lost NFC card or damaged mobile phones through secure back-up of information
  • For each transaction commuter and bus conductor is notified by SMS

Benefits to Service providers & customers:

  • Fast, secure and convenient ticketing
  • Integration of Travel Pass with mWallet, Debit Card, Credit card and bank account
  • Digital records of tickets
  • Time Saving and seamless travel

Service Providers:
  • Cost saving through paperless tickets
  • Offer other value added services
  • Reduced marketing and promotion cost
  • Increased sales through enhanced customer engagement

NFC Bus/Train ticketing contains several supported services and functionalities such as:

Promotion Engine
Transport authorities can offer discounts on tickets directly to the commuters.

Subordinate Wallet
Transport authorities can further create each individual buses as a as a subordinate to receive payment for the ticket purchase.

Merchant Payments
Bus owners can provide their customers convenience to pay for ticket purchase via mobile wallet or cash.


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