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mWallet Enterprise Suite: Subordinate Wallet

Subordinate wallet helps wallet owner, such as merchant or channel partner, to authorize his employees to perform specified functions on his behalf

Subordinate wallet is the first-of-its-kind innovations in mobile payment technology. Subordinate wallet can be distinctly utilized within the framework of the main wallet. Merchants and their channels can authorize their subordinates to use a single wallet. The wallet facilitates merchantsí subordinates some rights to receive money, maintain the wallet, and function with several forms of enhancements such bill pay, pay parking, merchant payments and much more.

Each one of the subordinate wallets is identifiably different from each other, depending on the functionality and usage of the particular subordinate wallet.

Key Features:
  • Merchants can authorize their subordinates for their desired functionalities
  • Merchants can manage their subordinates by creating login id for them and specify the rights such as CashIn, Bill Pay, Pay Parking etc.
  • Subordinates are restricted to view or operate merchants main wallet account
  • Merchants receives the message for every transactions made by their subordinates


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