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We provide mobile commerce products to our customers at very affordable cost with flexible pricing models.
Core mWallet Platform: Mobile Airtime TopUp

Allow your customers to top up their mobile phone anytime and anywhere, and enjoy 'never running out of talk-time' through secure and convenient top up mechanism

Imagine the personalized convenience instead of having to go out to a shop to pay for airtime topup. xpWallet mTopUp enables telcos to allow mobile wallet users to quickly and efficiently recharge prepaid account of a mobile phone user via mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

It offers their customers three scenarios for purchasing airtime top up for prepaid mobile phones:

  • A mobile wallet user can use his stored money to recharge his mobile phone prepaid account on his own.
  • A mobile wallet user can also use his stored money to provide airtime top up to his family or friends around the world.
  • Mobile phone subscribers can purchase airtime top up through mobile wallet authorized agents.

Key features:
  • Operators can offer their customers purchase airtime top up on the go
  • Operators can reduce airtime distribution costs
  • Operators can provide secure and convenient top up mechanisms
  • Create a new revenue stream for operators through transaction fees
  • Operators can address a wider range of target customers


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