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Partner Program

With xpWallet the possibilities for mobile payment solutions are unlimited. We provide our partners with superior value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities through our products that reward them for their contribution.

We also welcome our partner's interest if they would like to offer a "white labelled" solution or fully engage with the xpWallet, we set the stage for your success with training, sales and marketing tools, superior service and support, and incentives to promote success.

xpWallet has open APIs to integrate your system to accelerate growth on both sides.

We offer a partner program in following areas:

  • Strategic channel partners

    xpWallet is always looking for great partners to go to market with. Our marketing support, sales tools and technical resources complement your existing strategies and enhance each stage of your sale cycle. All of our partners enjoy success and generous revenue-sharing models including access to our expert technical team, sales support, and team of marketing experts.

  • White label channel partners

    xpWallet also offers white label mobile wallet solutions for our channel partners that enable them to sell their own self-branded digital wallet. Our white label mobile wallet solutions are fully customizable with several unique features that suit all range of verticals such as mobile network operators, banks, merchants, and transport companies etc.

  • Technology partners

    To integrate our solutions with your products resulting in access to greater market opportunities, to ensure creation of complete mobile payment environment for our clients, and to help accelerate the introduction of our unique mobile payment solutions; xpWallet partners with relevant technology companies that give us the confidence of reliability and assurance of successful performance.

  • Venture capitalist and investors

    Understanding the fact that internal strengths matched with the best external investment opportunities helps a company in achieving profitable growth and significant returns on investment, xpWallet accepts every offer of interest for investment to grow further.

Interested in taking a closer look at xpWallet mobile wallet system. Please drop us an email at [email protected] mentioning your contact detail and suitable time.
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