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Merchant Payments

xpWallet Merchant Payments is a payment infrastructure that allows merchants to provide their customers with an easy way to make payments for all kinds of goods and services via mobile wallet. The payment platform provides a real-time authorization and enables secure mobile commerce and payment acceptance for both in-store and online.

The solution is typically associated with processing mobile wallet payments through the merchant's existing payment infrastructure without making any significant changes to their operations. The Merchant Payment platform enables a user pay at merchant outlets using smart phone, NFC phones, POS machine.

xpWallet's merchant payments solution offers:

  • Support for NFC mobile payments
  • Seamless integration with the existing POS systems
  • Open APIs for software integration

Key advantages for merchants

  • Full 24x7 web access to all the transactions and activities
  • A rich set of Enterprise Suite products, such as Promotion and Loyalty, Merchant Deals, Pay Parking, Survey can boost their transactions
  • Merchants can create and authorize subordinates to receive payments
  • Instant transaction rollback feature
  • Complete transaction history available on the Web

Key advantages for consumers

  • Customers can pay for goods and services at participating stores
  • Customers can make web-based payments remotely to merchant
  • Complete transaction history available on the Web
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