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Promotion and Loyalty

xpwallet Promotion & Loyalty Engine is an end-to-end platform that empowers mobile operators, retail chain-stores, banks, mobile financial service providers to utilize buyer and seller interactions, deliver superior customer engagement experience, thereby stimulating increase in sales.

The system allows to setup loyalty points for each customer and channel partner groups individually. The promotion can be associated with system events like user registration, bill pay, merchant payment, etc. Further, each user can redeem these points in real-time as per specified rules.

Key Features

  • Choose promotional events

    It offers promotional incentive programs on any of their running services such as CashIn, CashOut, Bill Pay, Merchant Payments, Pay Parking, etc. The service could be non-financial transaction like user registration in the system or change PIN.

  • Target select user groups

    It allows to choose single or multiple category and group of users while defining a promotional campaign.

  • Define business rules for promotion

    The system allows to define different business rules such as transaction amount, campaign date, user selection criteria, redumption policy, etc.

  • Setup reward redumption policy

    The system allows the administrator to setup rewards for promotions so that users can see and redeem their points.

  • Real-time tracking and reporting

    The system tracks all the events in real-time. As soon as an event happens in the system, promotion engine captures the details and calculates the result as per business rules and sends SMS to the rewarded users. All the concerned users in the system can see the reports online through logging into the system.

Furthermore, the Promotion & Loyalty Engine enables companies that wish to innovatively promote their products and services, improve customer loyalty and retention, and enhance shopping frequency of their customers. It also offers real-time transaction-based customer analytics which allows service provider to evaluate and track a campaign's effectiveness.

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