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Pay Parking

Mobile Pay Parking is one of the unique offerings of xpWallet that provides cashless and mobile form of vehicle parking management and fee collection. The pay parking system is useful to everyone who likes to facilitate vehicle parking services. The system allows the parking providers to set the time based, entry based and shift based parking rates.

Key features & advantages:

  • Move with technology

    The cashless pay parking system is fast, flexible and hassle free as the transaction is based on NFC/USSD. It enables the users track parking slot, pay parking fee and move, saving plenty of time and resources.

  • Multiple parking fee methods

    The pay parking system allows parking providers o set up time based, entry based, and day based parking fees rates. etc. The system also offers parking providers options to create location based parking area, and to categorize vehicles.

  • Track parking duration & expenses

    The system allows users to check their parking duration through a timely reminder. Thus the user can extend desired parking duration and pay only for the exact time or for each entry.

  • Paperless System

    The cashless and paperless pay parking system allows both the users and the parking providers to see all parking details on-line. However, if the user wishes to take a printout, he can do so.

  • Prepaid parking subscription

    User can purchase prepaid parking wallet to pay for parking depending upon his requirement.

  • 24/7 Online Portal

    The system has reports to see a record of where and when the user has parked his vehicle. User's parking history is available 24/7 on online portal. One can print a report or view it online using login/password.

  • New revenue stream for Telcos

    The system offers a new revenue stream for telcos by enabling parking service provider to save a huge cost against traditional parking meters installation and maintenance fee.

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