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Merchant Deals

Ws we all know that consumers want many things in their deals and that too in a convenient and quick manner. So it can be understood that the time has come for merchant to adopt the mega mobile commerce trend and transform all retail marketing and advertising tools.

Merchant Deals is one of the unique mobile phone application offerings of xpWallet that offers merchants a kind of advertising and real-time daily deals service for various products. The service is USSD-based and enables consumers to make a deal via mobile phones with or without internet access which results in maximizing sales.

Key features

  • Allows registered and non-registered users to access the deals through Web and phone as well.
  • Doesn't require Internet connectivity and works on almost 95% of the mobile handsets.
  • Allows users to see the detailed description of the deals.
  • Highly configurable business-rule-engine.
  • Service providers can easily integrate their existing applications.

How it empowers merchants

  • Set up virtual store fronts to promote and launch their own deals.
  • Program deals as per their choice for item, unit, description and duration.
  • Launch and monitor the deal for consumers� behavior and performance of deal.
  • Allow their users check, book and close the deal.
  • Generate revenue on providing a deal option to agents.
  • Boost mobile money transactions

Key benefits

  • Generate a large number of new customers.
  • Build reputation and loyalty through repeated deals.
  • Reach a large number of consumers at less price.
  • Easily schedule and manage the deal as per requirement.
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