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mWallet Enterprise Suite

As the competition is increasing between different mobile wallet operators, it is becoming necessary for one to differentiate from others and offer the services which are required in day-to-day life of a consumer. mWallet Enterprise Suite products are designed and developed to make end-users life easier and work for mWallet and non-mWallet users.

xpWallet mWallet Enterprise Suite, a set of mobile payment components, has been designed and developed to provide merchants, mobile network operators and financial institutions with a next generation mCommerce ecosystem that enables their businesses to accelerate revenue growth and assure their customers a secure and seamless experience for mobile payments.

These products are revolutionary in nature to bring maximum sales and profit. The Products are designed for a smart mCommerce ecosystem.

mWallet Enterprise - nfc ticketing service - tap and go with digital tickets

NFC Ticketing

No more struggling in bus and train journey with fast and secure NFC mobile payments for ticketing.

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mWallet Enterprise - promotion and loyalty service

Promotion and Loyalty

A powerful marketing tool to create brand awareness and stimulate product sales.

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mWallet Enterprise data wallet - buy internet data plans from anywhere and anytime

Data Wallet

Now users can buy data plans from multiple service provider at one place through their mobile wallet.

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mWallet Enterprise - school fee payment service

School Fee

No need to visit school for fee payments,xpWallet enables mwallet and non-mwallet users to pay fee.

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mWallet Enterprise - nfc retail shopping service - perfect alternative to debit/credit card

NFC Retail Shopping

Enables participating shoppers to load cash amount into the prepaid card and tap at the checkout to pay for their shopping.

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mWallet Enterprise - pay parking service

Pay Parking

Enabling city councils and pay parking owners to offer convenient and secured parking system to mobile wallet and non-mobile wallet users.

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mWallet Enterprise merchant deals - best retail shopping discount to end users

Merchant Deals

Empowering telcos and merchants to set up virtual store fronts and offer real-time deal services for both mWallet and non-mWallet users.

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mWallet Enterprise - Subordinate wallet service

Subordinate Wallet

Subordinate wallet helps wallet owner, such as merchant or channel partner, to authorize his employees to perform functions on his behalf.

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The mWallet Enterprise Suite package enables the mobile wallet operators to achieve the full potential of mobile by deploying these products that meet the demands of many emerging markets with different business models. The suite package also focuses on ensuring that the end customers enjoy safer, simpler and smarter payment services.

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