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NFC Retail Shopping

NFC brings consumers many new payment services as they look to generate new service-based revenue streams, xpWallet presents NFC Prepaid Payment Card/Tag System, allowing users to move and tap to pay at the POS counter using their NFC prepaid payment card/tag for the products and services they wish to purchase at malls, retail chain store, food court, and canteens, etc.

xpWallet offers our clients save transaction fee on credit card payments, eliminating cost and complexity of cash/credit card payments, making it first-of-its-kind payment system different from credit/debit card payment system.

Infrastructure Requirement

  • Just one NFC Phone will do everything.
  • No extra hardware.
  • Absolute minimum software licensing fee.
  • Integrate with existing POS devices.


  • The prepaid card work much like bank debit cards that the users can use them anywhere for their purchases.
  • The prepaid card can also be used as Sodexo/ food coupons for corporate, cutting the cost notably and save on the distribution management cost.
  • Users can also use the card to gift their friends and relatives, allowing them use for their purchases at specific retailers.
  • Also provides convenience to parents to use the card with their children, because they can load the card with specific amount and allow their child to use.
  • Users can only spend what they load on the prepaid card and avoid any overdraft fee, or a monthly fee, or a purchase fee.
Interested in taking a closer look at xpWallet mobile wallet system. Please drop us an email at [email protected] mentioning your contact detail and suitable time.
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